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You're so brilliant

Grace marks your heart

Aerith ☆彡
Who She Is ♦ What She Does ♣ Where To Find Her ♥ Where She's Going ♠ Journal Credits
Late 20s, currently self-employed, and trying to find her place in the world. Mostly self-taught on the piano, can read sheet music, and enjoys dressing up/making costumes and doing other nerdy things. Loves reading, collecting figurines, sometimes photography, and Photoshop when the time allows. Brain is always going a million miles a second, and its difficult to keep up with. Misses taking dance lessons, yet enjoyed every second of stage theater even more. ♥
Makes costumes and wigs for herself (and sometimes friends as well), agonizes over a lot of things, does photo manipulations in Photoshop, and writes short stories. Mostly original fiction, but occasionally she can be found sneaking off from her own world to write something from a favored series. She occasionally has a clumsy moment and spills things, but that is normally if she gets over excited or distracted.
She dreams big, but her heart and feet will always be rooted in small towns. Finding her way in the hills of Las Vegas, and finally becoming the person she really wants to be.
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